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International well-known flavoring company introduction - in

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In perfume industry co., LTD (TAKASAGO), Japan's largest fragrance company, is also the first founded by the Japanese synthetic spices manufacturer, was founded in 1920, has now developed into a transnational group of spices, flavor, food essence, in addition to the production of chemical synthetic spices, all fine collection of products covers the relevant industry.And in 20 countries and regions of the world has 36 engaged in flavors of production, research and sales branches, its size and performance ranked the top in the world.Japan has more than 100 flavors and companies, including in spice company within the ranks of the world's ten spice company.In addition the company headquarters in Tokyo, branches and sales outlets throughout the five continents.In essence Japanese company is given priority to with producing synthetic spices, only 1% of natural spices, need to be imported from abroad every year a large number of natural spices.
In spices (guangzhou) co., LTD. Was established in November 17, 2004, the registered capital is $15 million, is Japan in spices, the investment of a company in China.In spices (guangzhou) company is located in guangzhou economic and technological development zone yonghe economic zone wellhope.Company is mainly is the development, production and processing of natural spices, herbs, synthetic spices, single from spices, fruit and vegetable drinks, protein drinks, tea drinks, coffee drinks, dairy products;Infants, older food development, production;Production sales of the company products and provide related services.
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