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International well-known flavoring company - Finn good pleas

author:kamei time:2014-11-12 18:23

Good pleasure (Firmenich) company, is the well-known flavoring manufacturers.The Chinese translation: "Finn good pleasure" fragrance, beautiful, and it interesting.Three simple words, well summarizes the essence of the world's largest family enterprises in more than one hundred years unremitting pursuit of the realm: for the customer creation to develop the aroma of fresh and delicious, in order to achieve the purpose of improving consumers life grade.In this rapidly developing diversified market, good company continuous innovation, introduce more secure, better quality, more fu taste fragrance products, to meet the needs of the people to pursue a better life.In fiscal 2012, Finn good pleasure announced with annual sales of 2.64 billion Swiss francs, to ensure future growth, Mr Good pleasure group continues to invest about 10% of the annual sales for innovation projects, including the new material development, in order to enhance the value of daily chemical and food essence, continue to improve the product process, optimization of product quality.
Our core values is to guide all our business conduct guidelines, the company continued development of a magic weapon: people-oriented, we attract and cultivate all kinds of professional talents of the industry, and build a full of entrepreneurial environment for them and bring the maximum possible job satisfaction.Creation and innovation, we will be 10% of sales each year into scientific research and development, constantly improve the quality of innovation and originality.Because innovation is the foundation of all our business.Our clients - are the top of the consumer goods industry, establish good partner relationship with customers to help us to provide clients with comprehensive market research, sales, service and innovative products, common development.Rule of law, we have a very strict integrity and ethics self-discipline, and on the quality, safety, health and environment protection keep all the laws and regulations and industry at home and abroad, and take more stringent standards under the right circumstances.
Finn good pleasure in production base and sales offices around the world have product security and regulatory department, through the strict inspection and control of product raw materials and formulation, and with the international and domestic standards than to monitor and manage all links from raw material to final product safety and legality.Finn good pleasure to actively join the world association of flavoring and as important positions, and the richest in the world authority and impartiality of the unofficial industry self-discipline organization members and serve as important role in it.
Mr Charming China has a very professional team is responsible for product safety and quality assurance system, to ensure the legitimacy of the product in China, and security.Companies use all cosmetic fragrance raw materials have to report and register and be approved for use, the state environmental protection administration, login to the epa database;Of all food raw material was already all national essence of standardization committee, the national food additives standardization committee approved, released on site at the national institutes of health.Finn good pleasure has always been adhering to the us as China survive the norms and values of enterprise, the implementation of high standards of quality assurance and product safety system, and continue to fulfill our social responsibility and commitment to the environment protection, down-to-earth to promote sustainable development.

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