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International well-known flavoring company - Swiss Givaudan

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Swiss Givaudan co (Givaudan), is a global leader in the flavor and edible flavor, is a long history, the renowned multinational group, has been in a leading position in world flavoring industry.Company has 180 years long history, as the fragrance, flavor and fragrance materials research, development, production and sales.Givaudan is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, business all over the world more than 40 countries and regions, nearly 5800 employees, and set up all over the world eight essence research center, has more than 100 world-class flavourists, is committed to meet customer needs in different areas.Swiss givaudan company began at the end of 2006 to the world's fifth-largest essence of qwest acquisition, in the second quarter of 2007, after completing the acquisition and accept an antitrust investigation, ranked first in the world.It is a dynamic and highly experienced traditional companies.
Givaudan company in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and all of the major countries in the asia-pacific region has production bases and offices.Givaudan feeding system with mass, of the same industry leading, can deposit hundreds of commonly used raw materials, to achieve material resource sharing, save material handling and charging time, reduce the wrong operation, improve the work efficiency.In addition, the use of computer aided essence production system for the overwhelming majority of customers with emulsifying essence, extract essence, and the tobacco industry and other various products.Currently givaudan products has been widely used in cookies and candy, beverage, dairy, salt type products, oral health and drug and tobacco class, etc.
The company subordinate three central research and a flavoring perfumery plant.The guiding ideology of the company's manufacturing products: one is based on market oriented design;Secondly, the quality must be consistent;Three is to actively cooperate with the use of customers;Four is in cigarette flavoring performance through testing, strict quality control, adopt total quality management.Company according to international standard production and prosecution, product packaging have a bar code tracking.
Givaudan subordinate departments: 1, research, primarily basic research.Basic research methods: the study the product guide, including natural, synthetic, biological;Second, direction of research, including tools, instruments, methods and so on.Basic research scope points, food, cosmetic, raw materials of three parts.Basic research program of short-term, medium-term and long-term research, different goals and market demand of the user program.2, flavouring effect, is equipped with five flavouring room, every room has 2 senior flavouring division.Flavouring rooms a total of more than 1500 kinds of raw materials, commonly used 700 ~ 800, including natural materials and synthetic materials.The essence and sensory quality check items test evaluation mainly use.Flavouring division after single aroma, study, continue to improve, until meet the product requirements.3, quality department.Quality department of analytical instruments for the international first-class precision instruments, with HPLC highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer, laser analyzer, gas, liquid analyzer, chemical physics analysis and microbial treatment of qc inspection.4, essence perfumery plant.
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