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International well-known flavoring company - Japan hasegawa

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Japan Hasegawa spice co., LTD (T - Hasegawa), was founded in 1903, is a one hundred - year history of the food, cosmetic manufacturers, has two production bases in Japan, and built a factory in the United States.Company sales in the global perfume fragrance industry is located in the top 10.Hasegawa spice company as the essence of industry leading enterprises in the world, mainly produce synthetic essence, committed to the development and production of first-class products, to provide customers with high quality service and a high level of technical guidance.Hasegawa spice co., each year will be a lot of money into research and development, and is mainly used for all kinds of new products, new technology development, synthesis technology, catalytic technology, modern and high precision analysis technology, biological engineering, new separation and processing technology, the essence of the new techniques and new dosage forms of ascension.
Hasegawa spices (Shanghai) co., LTD. Is a Japanese hasegawa spice co., a fully invested solely invested enterprise, established in January 2001, the main production and operation daily chemical essence, food essence, tobacco flavour.Hasegawa spices (Shanghai) co., LTD., relying on the one hundred - year - old Japanese hasegawa spices, basic research, analysis, product development, production, quality control and other advanced technology and international management concept, in line with "dedicated to the essence of technology, to technological innovation," basic principle, able to quickly and accurately for food flavors and customers with high quality, high added value.Hasegawa spices (suzhou) co., LTD. Was established in 2006, the registered capital is $15.5 million, a total investment of $46.5 million.
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