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International well-known flavoring company profile of DE xin

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DE xin (Symrise), is by the veyron company (founded in 1919) and H&R company (founded in 1874) combine the international perfume company.DE xin is one of the world's leading and plant extracts of spices &essential company, is the world's fourth largest flavoring manufacturers, with annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan.According to a statistics, consumer products and food that comes in contact with a day, with an average of 500 kinds of DE essence and perfume of jasmine.DE xin group is confident of jumped to third place in the near future.DE xin group of hotz Ming's global headquarters is located in Germany, Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore.The DE xin in Europe, the americas, Asia and Australia have offices twenty-four countries (regions).And in the United States, France, Austria, Brazil, Singapore, and burger with six technical innovation and business support center.The company in addition to flavor, in the field of natural plant extracts and sunscreen has strong competitiveness.
DE xin group has a strong research and development institutions, advanced extraction technology and equipment, from the natural world of plants, fruits, herbs, tea and other extraction of all kinds of active substance, is popular among Europe and America and southeast Asia customers.DE xin group of business in at least 35 countries, but in emerging markets is the main driver of future growth, thus for 10 years is expected to Singapore headquarters, to promote Asia Pacific business.2010 Asia Pacific global sales twenty percent of DE xin, group hopes the next 10 years will be raised to fifty percent.DE xin group spent 40 million yuan of expansion in Singapore factory formal completion before the third stage of the plan, named "Evodry Tower".Factory invested 20 million yuan in the third stage, the development of the latest capsule "Evodry" closed technology.Lock the raw materials and new technology more accurately, reduce the loss of powder longer collection period and the stability, in order to achieve a higher cost-effectiveness, benefits to customers and end consumer.From a massive investment in 2007, the company headquarters in Singapore employed staff has more than 400, but the existing building is expected to reach saturation point a couple more years, group will invest in new plant.
The jasmine flavor and nutrition, President of Asia Pacific region of DE MaiFei root (Declan p. acfadden), said many people are optimistic about the Chinese market, but the group will be Asia's business is divided into three parts: southeast Asia and South Asia, China, Japan and South Korea.Southeast Asia and South Asia is by far the biggest, the most solid and develop the most rapid market.China, of course, is also an important market.DE xin (Shanghai) co., LTD., under the jurisdiction of the business in China, to provide customers in China to research, development and application of technology and the production of technical services, all the knowledge and can use at any time.These advantages make us become customers trusted partners.As the world's leading fragrance company, DE xin relying on its global technology advantage, specifically for China manufacturers have developed many sandalwood, amber xiang xiang group.
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