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Don't lose food with essence industry development direction

author:kamei time:2014-11-12 18:20

In essence is to change, improve food aroma or taste and join in food material, most of the food with spices (> 85%) is naturally present in the food material, configured to essence is to reproduce or enhance the taste of some kind of naturally occurring food.The food flavor shade moderation can accept for the consumer, the excessive use of food flavor food is absolutely not acceptable.So people don't like care preservatives, pigment, etc to concern about excessive use of flavouring essence problem.
According to Taiwan's "China times" report, preserve one's health is hot wind, the Taiwan region has "organic", "natural" food purchase, but fat event, people just like as "natural" bread, hide not thick aroma conceals mystery.Experts say Taiwan food, processed foods containing artificial flavor, fragrance everywhere, juice, beverage, cookies, ice cream, chewing gum...Almost to the point of "can not live without you".
Taiwan food science, fu jen Catholic university professor QiuZhiWei points out, vanilla ice cream is vanilla, commercial packaging coffee fragrant incense, the fragrance is chemical synthesis of artificial fragrances, commercially processed foods, biscuits, drinks or baking cakes, artificial flavor, spices almost "inevitable".
Professor, dept of agricultural chemistry, national Taiwan university, said in the south of jiangsu has been approved to use food grade spices, even 1000 times dilution to the aroma remains.QiuZhiWei said, using natural ingredients to create expensive fragrance, aroma multiple high and cheap artificial essence of natural become industry preferred.
Taiwan's wang said hui-yu xu, director of the foundation of food and fewer ten patients experienced septic complications, although only add a little flavor, pigment, but children eat many spices and pigment, accumulated over a long period of time can cause hyperactivity, pay attention to.In addition, even commercial tea aroma is overly aggressive, add spices, it is possible that the results of the essence.
Chairman of the Taipei bakery Wu Guande admitted that light with natural dried fruits and nuts make bread contains full-bodied aroma is almost impossible, use the essence of the aroma of bread will be lasting, essence, just like the cuisine will use soy sauce, not can not add, but the focus is on companies to be honest.
Taipei city hospital nutrition director Jin Huimin said, food additives, widely used since breakfast of toast, everyone will eat at least a day 10 kinds of food additives, people tongue had been "focus".
The development direction of China's edible perfume fragrance industry
One is increase the intensity of industry product structure adjustment, adjust the natural spices, synthetic spices and essence of the proportion of the three categories of products, especially in promoting the development of food flavor, increase the variety, improve quality;
2 it is to make full use of the geography, climate and resources advantage in China. More to the development and utilization of natural spices, notice the variety breeding and conservation and regeneration, especially the unique advantage in China;
The third is to enhance investment in science and technology, vigorously carry out technological innovation, developed with intellectual property rights of new products, have a choice with the key to development of China synthetic spices;
Four must strengthen the safety regulations and environmental protection, strengthen enterprise management. Improve the economic benefit;Five to face the rapid expansion of information, establish the edible flavoring industry information network, is advantageous for the industry enterprises directly to quickly access and exchange of information. At the same time promote the edible flavoring and in the international market price, quality, regulations, etc.
Insiders predict;To 2015, production sales is expected to reach 40 billion yuan.When the flavors in the global market share will reach 20%, our country will become the world flavors industry one of the most important countries.Essence of the development of product development will be faster than the spices, in the late 12th five-year, essence products sales proportion will reach 55%.

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